About the Wizard

Harold Bert was inspired to become the Dryer Vent Cleaning Kansas City West Wizard when he recognized the need to provide reliable and professional dryer vent services while educating consumers about dryer fire prevention.  Regular dryer vent cleaning service will improve the safety of clothes dryers while saving energy with a more efficiently operating appliance.

Harold Bert knows first hand the value of Dryer Vent Wizard services as he has two friends who have experienced dryer fires.  Over much of his career, Harold has surveyed and evaluated fire hazards at many types of businesses, including some of the largest valued and most complex properties in the Midwest. 

Drawing on years of experience analyzing fire hazards and providing recommendations for solutions to reduce hazards and prevent losses, Harold Bert can provide peace of mind for his customers by ensuring the safest and greenest dryer vent system possible.

The new Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard in Town comes highly qualified as a professional fire protection engineer.  Harold Bert is very familiar with many of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards as he has been a member of the organization since 1984.  With so many home fires being caused by poorly vented clothes dryers, Bert looks forward to making a difference in his community when he opens his Kansas City West dryer vent cleaning business in June, 2011.

Every clothes dryer needs a Wizard!  Homeowners, tenants, multi-family dwellings, apartment buildings, commercial businesses, public laundries and any one operating a clothes dryer in Johnson or Wyandotte Counties can benefit from the Dryer Vent Cleaning Kansas City West Wizard’s services.

Reasons to have professional dryer vent installation and regular dryer vent cleaning performed by the Wizard:

  • More than 15,000 dryer fires occur annually in the U.S.
  • 90% of appliances fires are dryer-related
  • Poorly vented dryers can cost an additional $300 per year to operate
  • Increased drying time does not mean the dryer is worn out…it is a warning of a potential fire hazard!
  • Dryer vent cleaning will eliminate the need for additional dry cycles to reduce wear and tear on the dryer, extend its life and save energy
  • Gas dryers can be a carbon monoxide threat
  • Prevent mold problems in the dryer room with proper venting of moisture extracted from laundry
  • Reduce dust from dryer lint that escapes a faulty dryer vent system
  • The Wizard only installs dryer vent systems of non-combustible, smooth metal material that minimizes lint accumulation and meets required safety standards.
  • Unnecessary high heat from poorly vented dryers can damage clothes and lead to a fire hazard

Every Dryer Needs a Wizard!  Protect your home, your family and your wallet with reduced dryer energy costs and less frequent dryer replacement.  Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have provided a critical safety maintenance procedure of which many are unaware.

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Don't Let Your Dryer Start a Fire; Keep Your Home Safe and Sound!